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Service Call Fee

At A-Plumbing, Inc. we do charge a small services fee or service charge of $61.50 during normal working hours Monday – Friday, and a $99.95 service charge for evenings and Saturday during the day.

There are some instances we charge a higher figure which would be discussed with you in advance. (Examples: 3 AM call, 2 or more service people, special equipment.)

Some customer question the service call charge, but after we explain that it is used to cover the service truck costs, plumbers wages, payroll taxes, etc while he is in route to them they completely understand, knowing that they would not want to drive to some ones home or office with their car or truck using their gasoline, wear and tear on the equipment without covering that cost, let alone for no wages.

There are some companies that advertise, Free Estimates. (There is no free lunch)
Many of those companies pay on commission so the service person will recover his lost time with an excessive price when he quotes the repair work. At A-Plumbing, Inc.our service people are paid by the hour and have no reason to take advantage of you.

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