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DISPOSER or Disposal??

We’ve been in business since 1977 and every day we hear it referred to one way or the other. Disposer, Disposal, Food waist grinder, Badger V,
333, Whirl away, ISE, In-sink-erator, Emerson electric disposer, or the Grinder thing. What ever you call it, Yes we carry them on our service trucks as a regular stock and would be glad to install one for you.

There are still a few sinks with two inch drains in the bowl that opening is not large enough for a Food Waste Disposer but over 99% of the time your kitchen sink will have a three inch opening for the basket strainer and or the garbage disposer which is the correct size.

Many concerns are the warranty. The ISE Badger V (most common) has a 2 year limited warranty from the manufacturer. The Badger V disposer is a 1/2 horsepower it is the most frequent unit we install. There are 1/3 HP units as well as 3/4 HP and 1 horsepower disposers. Warranty on each unit is different depending on size and cost.

You may also be interested in the disposers that are being manufactured today come with or without a 110 volt power cord or can be directly wired. That being an issue, the power code kits are available at an additional cost and are (UL) underwriter laboratories approved so they can be directly plugged into a standard wall outlet.

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